Advanced Course

The advanced course focuses on English nuance, active vocabulary building, and relating complex written ideas in verbal discussion. Advanced skills are required for conducting business or study in an English speaking country.

We at Stevens’ Academy of English Learning understand the advantages of having advanced skills. We have designed our advanced coursework to build upon a strong fundamental foundation to give our students an edge in the world.

The Advanced course covers identifying important data from spoken instructions, understanding and using unique English conventions, and advanced reading and writing methods to convey deeper meaning. Concepts are taught in related themes to promote sharing ideas through social interaction. This course features group work conducted in English, fluency building exercises, vocabulary use, and culture awareness. Students will be encouraged to use English skills every day.

Our small class settings provide a rich learning environment, allowing abundant student-teacher interaction to maximize skill improvement. Students will share their knowledge with others in their group. Students will lead discussions with guidance from the teacher to refine pronunciation and idea presentation.

Successful students will be adequately prepared for oral examinations, group work in English, understanding complex discussions, and discussing complex concepts.

These skills require an attitude of lifelong learning, and while our program effectively teaches these skills, mastery is not ensured in only one session.


Placement Process

We start with a set of assessments to gauge the student’s current English level. The assessments identify areas of weakness and strength. We then group students with similar needs.

We plan lessons to address weaknesses and build on strengths. We tailor the course content to connect concepts that are new to the student to their foundational knowledge. This process allows the student to begin moving from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge in English.

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