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Testimonies from Peers

Lauren Stevens is a dedicated teacher. She always makes her students' needs a high priority.

Lauren and Nick Stevens are very engaging, fun and dedicated teachers. They always ensure each of their students is learning to the best of their abilities.

Nicholas Stevens is a warm, engaging teacher. His enthusiasm makes learning fun.

Lauren and Nick Stevens make learning English easy and interesting. Their students always love them!

Nick and Lauren Stevens are passionate about teaching. They create innovative ways to foster learning suited to the needs of their students.

Testimonies from Previous Students

Hi Nick Teacher!

My name is Young Dae, How are you doing? I’m Wonderful! Nick and Lauren teacher couple so wonderful. My favorite teacher was Nick and Lauren Teacher. Please stay a couple for long time.

Teacher! I’m Jenny, I like you! You’re is very kind, funny ~next meet we together!.... I every day remember you! Bye!

Lauren Teacher,

Your study is so excited and funny.We can study more English. Thanks very much teacher!

Dear Nick Teacher,

I’m Emma. Your class was awesome! You are funny and your explanation is detail! You are very positive. You are one of my best teachers!

Dear Teacher,

My English name is Olivia. My Korean name is Choi Ju-yoon. Teacher is fun. You’re the best teacher and Nick Teacher. Two teachers is valuable and precious. I Love you.

Hi my name is Jae-Won Cha. Lauren teacher study is good

Hello! My name is Alice. You are a very very very good teacher and very wonderful teacher. teacher is funny. Good bye!

Dear Nick teacher,

Good evening~ This letter is written by my mother instead me. (my mother is not good at English.) Most of all I’m appreciate your teaching for 5 days. Please give Lauren teacher my best regards. I’m happy and join of your class. I hope learning your class as soon as possible. I hope you will happy always. Thank you for your teaching again. Good Bye

Dear Lauren Teacher,

Hello this is Emma,

Today is the last day of English Camp. I’m so sad because the class with you was very fun and excited. You give a help to improve my English skill. You are positive, excited, interesting and awesome. I wish I can be in your class again next time. I like you very much! Thank you for teaching me! Bye! Love

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