Beginner Course

The Beginner course focuses on simple phrase identification, simple sentence construction, and basic written language identification and production. Research shows these elements are foundational for successful language learning. Building a strong foundation in listening comprehension and accurate speaking will increase your confidence and pave the way for advanced communication with native English speakers.

The Beginner course will teach basic concepts, such as the alphabet, numbers, seasons, months, weather, beginner conversation, basic reading skills, basic sentence structure, and beginner level grammar and a lot of vocabulary. As you advance, you will do more reading and writing. Successful students will have a strong foundation in English that will make studying English in future academic and social endeavors successful.

Every student learns at a different pace. We strive to tailor our teaching methods to effectively teach all of our students. Just as a baby does not learn to speak in three short months, we do not expect or promise that one session will produce perfect knowledge of the skills required in this class. By continuing study in successive courses, the average person can master English speaking and reading skills.


Placement Process

We at Stevens’ Academy of English Learning use several measures to identify student needs and measure student advancement.

We start with a set of assessments to gauge the student’s current English level. The assessments identify areas of weakness and strength. We then group students with similar needs.

We plan lessons to address weaknesses and build on strengths. Our small class settings provide a rich learning environment, allowing abundant student-teacher interaction to maximize skill improvement.

Students are given home assignments and classroom quizzes. Progress is monitored to ensure continued growth.

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