Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Experience

What kind of teaching experience does my teacher have?

Lauren is a Certified Teacher in America and taught English in Korea for two years. She taught both online and in the classroom. To find out more about her click HERE.

Nick is certified for Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). Nick taught English for two years at the Changyeong English Village in Changnyeong, South Korea. He focused primarily on online teaching, but has also taught in the classroom. To find out more about him click HERE.

Interview process

Why is there an interview?

The interview is held primarily for the benefit of the student. We use the information gathered by the interview to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. We then identify which level would best fit the students needs and goals, and tailor classwork taught in those classes. Tailoring allows students to fill in gaps in their knowledge of English. Tailoring also allows the teachers to build on student’s strengths.

Should I study for the interview?


How is it determined when I can move up in levels?

Each student will have anecdotal records kept by their teacher. When the student masters a new concept, the achievement record will be dated. As soon as the student masters all qualifications under their present level they will be allowed to move up to the next level.

What motivation do I get for moving up in levels?
I feel like I should be in Intermediate level but I was put in Beginner level. Why?
Why is a four week and eight week course available?
Why is signing up for two twelve week semesters (Total of 24 weeks) the cheapest price?
How will progress be communicated to the parents of the student?
How will I know my progress as I go through the course?
Do I need any special electronic equipment to take this course online? What are the technical requirements for electronic equipment and Internet connection?
What exactly are you teaching again? What concepts?
Will you be addressing the differences in English speaking in different English-speaking countries, like England, Australia, the US, and Canada?
Do I have to provide any handwritten work or evidence of mastery, or will your evaluation be only by video interaction?
Does taking your course count for credit in any colleges or universities in the US?
What will learning English from Stevens’ Academy of English Learning enable me to do that I cannot do right now?


Will you be observing Korean or American holidays?

With most of our students being in Korea, we will observe Korean NATIONAL Holidays. In addition to Korean Holidays we will also observe American Independence day and Thanksgiving. You can find those specific dates under Schedule/important dates. Although we will not be observing most American holidays we will still teach about them.


How will receipts be given to the person who pays the tuition?

The receipt will be emailed to the person who pays the tuition.

How is payment made? How do I get my Won to you?
What form of payment do you accept?


Do you do private tutoring?

Yes. See HERE for details.

Are you licensed and certified to practice business in the United States and South Korea?
Is my personal information kept safe? Do you have a privacy policy?
How do I provide feedback to Stevens’ Academy of English Learning on needs, suggestions, or compliments?
What is your favorite Korean food?

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