Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course builds on the basic foundations of your English skills and focuses on beginning comprehension of spoken English, more complex sentence construction, and introducing conventional English storytelling in reading and writing. These elements build on the natural foundations of language to create a second tier of skills.

The Intermediate course covers more advanced listening comprehension, verbal sentence construction, and reading and writing activities. Intermediate courses combine online classroom interaction and student engagement with home assignments and classroom quizzes. The coursework in the Intermediate courses is aligned with themes. Lesson themes tie associated concepts together to build long term comprehension and information retention.

Successful students will have developed more advanced English conversation tracking skills and skills to correlate written information to verbal discussion.

Every student learns at a different pace. We strive to tailor our teaching methods to effectively teach all of our students. Just as a baby does not learn to speak in three short months, we do not expect or promise that one session will produce perfect knowledge of the skills required in this class. By continuing study in successive courses, the average person can master English speaking and reading skills.


Placement and Progress Monitoring Process

We at Stevens’ Academy of English Learning use several metrics to identify the level of your skills at the start of the course, and continue to monitor and record your progress as you increase in knowledge and ability.

We start by testing your current English level. This enables us to gauge your proficiency with reading, writing, listening, and speaking English, and identify any elements that may be missing, or require more work. We group students with similar needs together for the class sessions.

We tailor lessons to build up any missing foundational concepts. New concepts are introduced that build on the strong framework. Our small class size allows students to share their knowledge with others in the class. The interactive environment of our small groups increases student learning and confidence.

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