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Lauren Stevens is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stevens’ Academy of English Learning. Lauren earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from Athens State University, with a focus on early childhood education. Until her move to founding and directing Stevens’ Academy of English Learning. Somehow she found time to teach and go back to school and get her MA TESOL (Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language) from Simmon college in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lauren was a teacher, and then the Lead Teacher at Changnyeong English Village (CEV) in Changnyeong, Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea. At CEV she taught conversational English to Korean students at different levels from Kindergarten to Middle School third grade. Since 2015, Lauren has started teaching adult language learners in small group classes and individually through an online virtual classroom.

Lauren has spent the majority of her life working with and teaching in a variety of settings both professionally and as a volunteer. Throughout her career she has displayed academic and instructional excellence as she worked with students from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Because of this, she has the ability to quickly understand the needs of her students and address those needs in a way that promotes high levels of growth in the student.

In the classroom, you will find Lauren’s bubbly and loving personality exciting and engaging as she shares her teaching talents with you but you will also know that she expects no less than your best efforts. She believes that every person can learn if they are taught in an engaging way by a teacher who understands the student’s level and learning abilities.

In her free time, Lauren loves to exercise, discover new places and cultures, and create fun things to effectively teach her students. Lauren has a teacher heart and simply loves teaching.


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