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Nicholas (Nick) Stevens graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Psychology with a minor in English Literature and a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Following his undergraduate graduation, Nick taught English for two years at Changnyeong English Village (CEV) in Changnyeong, Gyeungsangnamdo, South Korea. Although Nick taught children of all ages, most of his students were Elementary fourth grade through Middle School third grade. Nick was entrusted with great autonomy in teaching the online courses. He developed the online curriculum and the training manual for the other teachers of online courses. Nick trained all new teachers in the program because of his ability to teach effectively and to utilize the technology to keep students engaged at a high level of learning. The training manual he wrote is still in use. Nick set the standard of excellence in the practice of online teaching at CEV.

Nick has also taught in the classroom. There his students were drawn to his open teaching style and his ability to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of students. Nick believes that each student has a voice. He encourages them to use it with confidence and courage because that is what breeds success.

Since co-founding Stevens’ Academy of English Learning Nick edits papers for publishing, teaches the TOEFL and HiSET test preparation courses, teaches the intermediate and advanced group classes and does a lot of one on one tutoring.

In his spare time, Nick loves to play video games and read his favorite literature. He also loves reading Wikipedia, and enjoys cooking, trying new cooking styles and ethnic food. Nick earned a black belt in Taekwondo while he worked in South Korea. He continues to practice the art to maintain a proper mind-body balance.

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